Creating a Concrete Design Anchor for Your Living Space

October 22, 2015

It is the modern marvel of quality construction that intrigues the eye and captivates guests. It is the visual variable that diverts attention and becomes the focus of the space. It is what you want in a conversation piece, the center of the atmosphere and the one thing a guest will remember when parting ways. It is the concrete design anchor.

ConcreteCommander-Blog-CreatingADesignAnchorforYourLivingSpace-01ImageDesign anchors are both an indoor and outdoor feature that contributes to a homeowner’s approach to entertainment. It is literally the anchor in the design of a setting. The issue that most homeowners face in the designing stage is incorporating a focal piece in an already established design. The average homeowner builds a room before ever taking into consideration the purpose behind the design.

Interestingly enough, a well-constructed design anchor is typically the first thing people see when entering a space, but the last thing an owner incorporates into the overall design. Because of the initial impact of this home feature, it is essential to the overall design and should carry a much greater weight in the initial design concept. When properly incorporated into the design concept, the anchor will hold the look and feel of a space together.

Showpiece and design anchor are terms that could be used interchangeably. The goal of a showpiece is to reflect the ambiance and personality of the home, whereas the purpose of a concrete design anchor is to set the foundation for those reflections. Justifiably, there are a few steps homeowners should consider when designing a setting around a design anchor:

• Theme and atmosphere

• Indoor or outdoor
• Portable or permanent
• Form to function
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