A Fire Pit by Any Other Name…

November 23, 2016

Some people say “fire pit” and others say “fire bowl.” At Concrete Commander, we prefer “fire feature” but we will happily build one just for you by any name. Enhance the architectural rhythm of your space with a fire feature. Get down and dirty in a fire pit. Drink deeply from the fire of the universe out of a fire bowl.

Shape and Size

Choose the shape and size that suits your setting and the mood you want to enhance. Let’s start with the circular geometry. The classic Vessel or the Asian influenced Zen or Wok Fire Features. Two other choices are fire pits based on geometry with ninety degree angles. There is the simple Cube or the elegant Linear Fire Features. Take a look at our complete line by visiting the Concrete Commander website  and choose the fire ****** best for you.

Fire Type and Stones

After you choose the fire pit style, color, and texture, you can finish it with your choice of a propane or natural gas burner. Or perhaps a wood burning platform is the kind you want. Finally add the stones to create your completed fire feature. A variety of stone colors are available. Please check our website for more information.

Linear Fire Pit with Figurine

Linear Fire Pit with Figurine

Pit, Feature or Bowl

Fire features provide a focal point in any outdoor area, whether it is a patio, outdoor kitchen or poolside. Concrete Commander creates solid features for your living space that will give you warmth for many years to come, regardless of what you call your new concrete design.

concrete wok fire pit

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