Custom Concrete Products

February 16, 2017


Concrete Water bowl with fire pit

Concrete bowls with fire and water

Concrete design is versatile! Custom made pieces can be created for all sorts of living spaces, both indoor and outdoor. It is both functional and beautiful at the same time.

Concrete, fire and water makes concrete creations of many kinds. Fire features include fire bowls and fire pits of all shapes and sizes. Water bowls are yet another of our custom-made creations. Surfaces of our water bowls and fire pits can be satiny smooth or uniquely pitted. Standard colors include whites, blacks, grays, and browns.

And then there is the beautiful marriage of fire and water. The images on this page show how the meditative look and sound of flowing water can be combined with the magic of fire. Combine these two “elements” together to yield a powerful piece that can tie together your indoor or outdoor space. You can position your piece near a window and allow it to create a magical feel on both sides of the window. You can enjoy it inside, or looking in from the outside.

Beyond fire and water

Concrete countertop black waterfall teppanyaki grill

A concrete countertop with waterfall and teppanyaki grill. Concrete face with shelf for design elements.

Concrete goes beyond vessels made for fire or water. It can be flat or curved, rounded or have corners. Pieces can flow from one to another like a waterfall. If you can make it out of wood or stone, you can also make it out of a solid piece of vibrant concrete.
Concrete countertops are one of our most popular products. They can be created for all sorts of living spaces. The kitchen is one common place for a countertop. A wide, luxurious concrete surface for you to prepare food on or eat a sumptuous feast. We measure your space and plan the countertop. We then bring the countertop to your location and put the countertop quickly in place.

Tables, cupboards, fireplaces and wall panels add to the long list of objects that are made beautifully with concrete.

Contact us for a custom concrete creation

Call us, or send us an e-mail and let us know what you are interested in.  Together, let’s make a creation from that will add the cool touch and visual warmth of concrete, water, and fire to your living area.

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