Harbor Chase Assisted Living in Mandarin, Florida.

March 15, 2018

Concretecommander.com is proud of our work in partnership with Harbor Chase Assisted Living of Mandarin Florida. Our custom-made creations will add to the quality of life for the residents of this facility for many years to come. In this project we contributed a water

fountaininstallation, an outdoor kitchen and a large fire feature. This project gave us the opportunity to use all of the skills we have been honing and processes we have been perfecting to produce beautiful concrete creations for living spaces for all to enjoy.

Waterfall with pergola

The water fountain made by us for Harbor Chase at this location consists of two-inch thick graphite colored polished concrete seating caps which are placed on a natural gray-colored timber-textured surround, perfectly wrapped around pergola posts.  The area from the pool to the fountain is accented with two-inch thick,polished, graphite-colored concrete coping caps.  The under cabinet lighting beautifully accents the fountain and seating wall for residents to enjoy their beautiful and tranquil surroundings.

The outdoor kitchen features three-inch polished graphite-colored

Outdoor kitchen with wood burning stove and grille

concrete tops resting on a custom natural-gray-colored, timber-textured, curved-concrete grille surround.  The surround frames the custom wood burning pizza oven, fire wood storage, and pergola posts.  The Crown Verde commercial grill,  stainless steel under-mount sink and faucet are expertly incorporated into the top, while the Sub-Zero refrigerator and cabinetry are tucked perfectly into the curved surround. Under-cabinet lighting finishes off this high-end outdoor kitchen that the cook and residents are sure to love!

Fire Feature

Cozy fire feature in the patio.


Lastly we have our custom 48″ “pocked” finished graphite fire feature.  This feature has an electronic start emergency shut off 24″ penta-burner for maximum flame and ease of use.  Smooth rolled lava rock completes the look of this feature.


We can imagine residents at Harbor Chase of Mandarin, Florida enjoying these beautifulsurroundings as they eat pizza from the wood-burning stove and other wonderful food, enjoying the warmth of the fire bowl, taking in the peaceful waterfall while enjoying companionship and socializing in this area beautified by these fantastic creations from concretecommander.com!

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